January 1, 2022

How is Las Vegas Weather?

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Shad Khan Zaman

How is Las Vegas Weather?

Temperatures and Weather in Las Vegas, NV

Many people think Las Vegas, Nevada, is sizzling hot all year. It's a dry heat in the summer and has cold weather in the winter. It's a great place to visit no matter the time of year. We've got information and answers to some of your questions regarding Las Vegas weather.

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Overall Climate

Las Vegas has a subtropical hot desert-type climate. The summers are long while the winters are short and mild. This doesn't mean it's always hot in Las Vegas. Surrounded by mountains, the weather is naturally mild with cool nights.

There is not much humidity. Snow does fall in the mountains around Las Vegas in the cooler months. Rainfall only averages a little over four inches each year. Las Vegas does have a North American Monsoon season when thunderstorms and heavy showers will hit daily. These showers only last a little bit, but can quickly flood areas. This wet season lasts from July to March. It peaks in February.

What are average Las Vegas temperatures?

The Las Vegas temperature varies depending on what time of year you visit. The coolest season lasts for a little over three months. This is from November to February. The average daily temperature during this time is about 66°F.

How hot does it get in Las Vegas?

It can get sweltering in the summer in Las Vegas. From June to August, the heat can be rough. The dry heat from the lack of humidity is intense for many people. At this time the temperatures range from above 90°F to 110°F on most days. Sometimes in the summers, those temperatures go well above 110°F. At night it is on average about 80°F.

What is the coldest month of the year in Las Vegas?

December is usually the coldest month of the year in Las Vegas. Average highs range around 55°F. The average lows are usually in the 30`s. The coldest day of the year is usually Christmas, December 25, with an average high of 56°F.

Las Vegas weather does not usually see snow during this time of year, but there are surprising snowfalls sometimes during the year.

What is the best time of year to go to Las Vegas?

The best time to visit Vegas is during the spring and fall. From March to May, and from September to November, the weather is perfect for most people. The spring season offers a comfortable temperature. The fall nights aren't are cold. The fall days are warm, but not hot.

There are about ten hours of sunshine during these seasons as well. Many people love to hike the mountains around Las Vegas during this time. Others enjoy shopping and walking along the Las Vegas Strip.

Is Vegas hot in March?

Las Vegas temperature in March, April & May is comfortable for most people. The average high temperature is about 70°F. The average lows are in the 50s. Many people find these temperatures perfect to shop, explore, and even sit by the pool. It's not too hot or too cold to visit Las Vegas during the spring season.

What should I wear in Vegas?

It depends on what time of year you visit Las Vegas when you're deciding what to wear. During the winter months, it's smart to bring a jacket and long pants. You don't need a parka, but you might get chilly. In the warmer months, you should wear lightweight clothing. Swimwear is the perfect lightweight attire if you're ready to lounge by the pool in the heat of the summer.

Length of Day

One thing to take into account when you visit Las Vegas is the length of the day. It varies significantly throughout the year. In December, there is usually only about nine hours of sunlight. The longest day of the year is usually in June with about 14 hours of sunlight.

The sun rises as early as about 5:20 AM in June. The latest sunrise is usually about 7 AM in October. The earliest sunset is usually around 4:25 PM in December. The latest sunset is about 8 PM in June. Las Vegas does observe Daylight Savings Time in March.

Las Vegas Winds

The wind is not a huge factor in Las Vegas. The windiest part of the year is from March to July. The average wind speeds at this time are more than 8 miles per hour. The windiest day of the year is usually in April with an average speed of about 9 miles per hour. The calmest part of the year is from July to March.

Weather Hazards in Las Vegas

During monsoon season, Las Vegas can flood. Heavy rains and flash floods can be scary for many people. The location in the basin of the floor of the Mojave Desert lends its hand to these thunderstorms full of heavy rain. The high temperatures in the summer months can lead to heat strokes as well as other weather-related health issues. Always take precautions when going out in excessive heat. Las Vegas is also located in Nevada, so it is subject to earthquakes.


Overall, Las Vegas is a place with hot weather in the summer and mild weather throughout the rest of the year. It offers many different activities during all types of weather. From hiking and biking to shopping and exploring, Las Vegas has something for every type of weather condition.

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