January 10, 2022

Living In Las Vegas

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Shad Khan Zaman

Living In Las Vegas

A fantastic place to live and embark on a new journey on earth is in Las Vegas. People from all over the world choose to move to Las Vegas because of its infamous features of entertainment and family fun values.

It's a place where most people can dive into the lifestyle of living on a vacation 100% of their life, also known as a "stay-cation". In addition, Las Vegas has been ranked the #1 USA as the safest and secure place to live away from natural disasters. However, finding the ideal neighborhood for you and your family in a perfect Las Vegas Neighborhoods is essential to particular living standards and expectations.

What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Las Vegas?

There are always good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods and anywhere you go. However, determining what would be the best in Las Vegas for you or your lifestyle is to speak to a professional realtor who knows the ins and outs of the entire state. Other ideas could be to speak to the locals or do your research in regards to neighborhood qualifications that will meet your needs.

The top three neighborhoods or the Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods that most of the locals say the best area to thrive in is Southern Highlands, Summerlin, or Henderson. Each one of these neighborhoods offers different styles of homes ranging from condos to mansions. They also are near plenty of amenities parks and recreation and offer fast access to shopping and restaurants. Due to their diversity, they can be fit for single people, families, or retirees.

Top Choice For Families, Singles, And Retirees

If you are single, finding an ideal Las Vegas strip condo may be beneficial to you and your life. Highly ranked neighborhoods for singles that can be considered are Las Vegas Strip High Rise Condos, Downtown Container Park, Lone Mountain, Henderson, or Summerlin.

If you have a family or are planning to have one in the future finding an area with a qualified school and a family-friendly atmosphere then areas like Seven Hills, Summerlin, Green Valley, Southern Highlands, Centennial Hills, Madeira Canyon, or Anthem are all top choices for families.

While if you are a retiree, a great area to consider is Las Vegas Sun City Communities, Green Valley, Anthem, Aliante, or Summerlin. Most of the areas maintain a cleaner area and they are located near many concourses and shopping areas that most retirees appreciate and utilize.

Communities with Master Plans also have a good reputation and are valued to have a higher living scale status. The Master Planned Communities are enriched with personality and character. They are located all around the state and include a variety of shopping malls, community centers, fitness centers, and plenty of other amenities that are affordable and highly sought after. If you are not looking to be in a huge area or you do, there is a Master Plan Community designed you fit your style.

To top that off, since you are looking to move to one of these areas, many of these areas do not have a Homeowners Association requirement included. It depends on what type of structured environment you are looking for there is a community that is just right for you.

Determining which neighborhood is ideal for you is based on your expectations, standards, lifestyle, and goals of future planning. However don't just take our word for it, speak to locals, base your decision on a professional realtor's opinion, and through doing your research on each area.

What Qualifies A Good Neighborhood?

To determine what would be a good neighborhood for you to live in would be to investigate and ask questions about different topics that will affect your lifestyle. There are plenty of qualifications that can determine if a neighborhood is going to meet your needs, so asking plenty of questions and doing some investigative research will help you make your final decision on neighborhood choice. Some questions that you can ask a professional realtor can include the following topics:

  • Neighborhood History: No matter if you are single, a multi-family unit, or retiree getting the neighborhood history on any location you want to live in is essential to understand where you're going to be stepping into. You can ask questions on how the neighborhood evolved, what events took place, the type of people that have lived in the area for longer than a couple of years, and if any catastrophic or memorable moments can impact your moving decision in the area.
  • Population: Las Vegas is constantly growing, therefore seeing where the population stands in the area that you are seeking out can also be a qualification and a key element to your ultimate decision on living in the area.
  • Family Friendly: Finding a family-friendly environment in Las Vegas is critical and necessary for those who want to keep their family in a safe and secure environment as well as having multiple options of entertainment such as parks and recreation. Even Jonas Peterson moved to Henderson because of the family atmosphere. According to The LA Times, "Jonas Peterson enjoyed the California lifestyle and trips to the beach while living in Valencia with his wife, a nurse, and their two young kids. But in 2013, he answered a call to head the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, and the family moved to Henderson, Nev. "We doubled the size of our house and lowered our mortgage payment," said Peterson, whose wife is focusing on the kids now instead of her career."
  • Schools: The schools in different areas of Las Vegas all have positives and negatives depending on which area you choose. Some schools have a higher level of education and curricula that will promote a positive impact on your family's lives. Therefore, investigating the types of schools and the educational standards in the area will also be a fundamental aspect of your ultimate decision on moving to that specific area.
  • Your Ideal Lifestyle: Your lifestyle is everything when considering a location you plan to stay on for more than a few years. You may want to ask yourself a few questions about if the area is going to be near her friends and family or if you need to be closer to your work area. A lot of people have moved to Las Vegas to choose areas that are within specific locations that allow them access to their favorite walking areas, gyms, or employers.

City-Data shares, "Population in 2017: 641,676 (100% urban, 0% rural). Population change since 2000: +34.1% Males: 320,789 (50.0%) Females: 320,887 (50.0%) Median resident age: 37.8 years Nevada median age: 38.0 years"

According to the U.S. Census, there is a population of over 645,000 residents in Las Vegas. However, as the population continues to grow there are now more than 2 million and will continue to grow around 8.5%. Some people prefer to live in an area less populated, while others choose to live and a more populated area because of their lifestyle or goals.

What Are The Safest Neighborhoods In Las Vegas?

Finding the safest neighborhood in Las Vegas can incorporate guarded entrances, gated communities, lower crime rates, and valued community assets. One of the safest neighborhoods in Las Vegas that has been researched, surveyed, and investigated over the years is Henderson. In addition to being the safest area, Henderson offers multiple shops near the district agreed Valley Ranch as well as access to fitness facilities.

  • Crime Statistics: If you are concerned about the specific crime rates in different areas, a good resource to use is the interactive crime rate map.
  • Crime Reports: Knowing what recent crimes are in different areas is also a good way to determine what possibilities may exist in the area of your choosing. For a more detailed search on reports, statistics, alerts, and local reports look to Spot Crime for results. Some of the areas they cover are Angel ParkBuffaloLoan MountainDesert ShoresDowntownMeadowsSun CitySummerlinTwin LakesSunriseHuntridge, and many more.
  • Analysis: To get an in-depth analysis of demographic, economic, housing, and social statistics, visit InfoPlease for the overall census statistics.
  • Libraries Information: If you are all about open data information on different neighborhoods and historical datasheet look at UNLV, which "contains various data and statistical sources, both open-source and available."
  • Decreased Numbers: According to Ktnv, "Violent crimes went down with 41 fewer cases than the year before. There was also a decrease in property crimes with 233 fewer cases than the year before." You can also view the detailed report on the Census page.

What Is Life Like In Las Vegas?

Life in Las Vegas Communities is not all about gambling and nightlife. Yes, there is a lot to do when it comes to both of those; however, there is so much more to Las Vegas than you may think. To determine a great neighborhood to move to is to figure out what type of life you want to live.

There is anything from buying products for your dining room to grocery shopping available during a 25 hour time spread. Choosing a neighborhood that is the right fit for you, some considerations need to be set up to help you make your conclusion of where you want to live. Some of the following considerations may include:


People love to shop, and with that said one of the best places to shop is on the Las Vegas Strip. However, there are plenty of other areas that have quality shops that you can choose from that will meet your specific shopping desires. Some of the shops that are highly regarded are The Boulevard MallMeadows MallGrand Canal ShoppesDowntown SummerlinBonanza Gift ShopStratosphere Tower ShopsTivoli VillageFashion Show MallThe Shops at the PalazzoLas Vegas OutletsThe Shops at Crystals, and more.


What is life without tasting it? Some restaurants are better than others, however, to determine where you want to live and what neighborhood to choose from, learning about the different restaurants that are accessible may influence your decision.

You can find all different types of food around Las Vegas, but what type do you like the most? Some of the restaurants that are known for being the best are Honey Salt, Flock & Fowl, Sparrow and Wolf, Carnevino, Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, La Strega, Aureole, Eatt Gourmet Bistro, and Chada Thai. While there are many more to choose from, considering what you like to eat can help you moving decisions. A great resource for finding a diverse range of restaurants at affordable costs can be found in Food and Wine.


It's good to get out and about and enjoy Mother Nature. If you are the type of person that appreciates the outdoors, then choosing a neighborhood or area with multiple parks or attractions may be a wise decision for you and your family.

Some of the most well-known parks to consider are the following: Sunset ParkHoover DamAcacia Demonstration GardensClark County Wetlands ParkThe Spring Mountains National Recreation AreaLake Mead National Recreation AreaValley of Fire State Park[, or Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.


If you want to enjoy a quality life in Las Vegas and provide means for your family, employment needs may fully determine what neighborhood you decide to live in. Las Vegas has an abundance of restaurants, casinos, and tourist attractions that employment can be found. Some of the thriving employment solutions can be found in healthcare, global trade, financial servicing, or logistics in multiple different areas of Las Vegas according to the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance.

It is known that in Las Vegas that around 44% of the workforce is reinforced by tourism; however, there is an abundance of construction opportunities and information in health technology employment solutions available.

Detailing on the tourism side of statistics, Data Planet described, "The average visitor to Las Vegas was 46 years old, stayed 3.3 nights at an average nightly room rate of $111, spending $141 per visit shopping, $38 per visit for shows, arriving by plane (42%), visiting by vehicle (58%), has in his party 2.4 people, and has a gaming budget of $530, spending an average of 2.9 hours per day gambling.

Of visitors, 20% are from other nations, 26% come from Southern California, and 15 percent are first-time visitors." They also shared that "Clark County employs more than 10,000 in 38 departments and has a fiscal year general fund budget of $1.35 billion and a total budget of $6.2 billion. The County retains a bond rating of "Aaa" from Moody's Investors Service and an "AA+" from Standard & Poor's." Therefore, there is plenty of opportunity for those who seek it out in multiple different types of industries.

Las Vegas is a fantastic destination for those who are looking to obtain a starting career as there are a lot of opportunities available to choose from. Choosing what neighborhood to move to may determine where your employment stands.

In addition, if you are moving to Las Vegas and ours seeking to obtain an employment-based immigrant visa, please be aware that it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks before the visa is official. You can find and begin the process of the visa status by checking the U.S. Embassies and Diplomatic Missions Locations.

A recent article in Patch expressed, "If you thought Las Vegas is all gaming and bright lights, think again. Las Vegas' economy is booming and is getting more attention from Bay Area residents as a top contender of cities to move to.

More than 55,000 new jobs were added in the state of Nevada last May. That's the fastest rate in the nation for the 8th consecutive month. During May, jobs in Las Vegas grew by 4,100 or 2.8 percent. The national average is 1.6 percent. Retiring? Nevada is fifth in the nation for retiree in-migration."


The climate in Las Vegas can be an influential factor and where you decide to buy your home. Most of the locations surrounding Las Vegas consist of mild weather with hardly any snow and dry winters. However, in the summer weather can spike where it may prohibit outdoor activities. Anyone who moves to Las Vegas no matter where the location is it is advised to ensure you are maintaining your daily water rationing as Las Vegas gets heated rather quickly.

A good rule of thumb on the climate in Las Vegas is to remember that if you prefer a drier weather atmosphere with a warm climate then you will be comfortable. Business Insider clarified, "Yes, Las Vegas is extremely dry, and technically in the middle of a desert. But one of the best parts about Las Vegas is its proximity to several amazing geographic features and beautiful national parks."

However, if you are sensitive to humidity certain locations may affect your neighborhood choices.

A Few Other Fun Facts About Nevada That You Should Know:

More and more people are going to Las Vegas, but there are additional facts that might be of interest before you choose your neighborhood.

For example, InsidersVLV devoted their time to explaining, "More than 7.5 million Las Vegas visitors use I-15 annually. Boulder City is one of only two towns in Nevada where gambling is illegal, the other city being Panaca.

Originally, this town was created to house the workers on Hoover Dam. The famous Las Vegas Strip is not located in the city of Las Vegas. The strip actually comes under the jurisdiction of Clark County. For you card players enthusiasts . . . in a standard deck of cards the King of Hearts is the only King without a mustache. Many famous people have worked in Nevada. Jack Dempsey was the bartender and the bouncer at the Mispah Hotel and Casino."

There are so many interesting articles, events, and people that have come from Nevada, it is a place of wonder, excitement, and amusement.

Are There Special Amenities or Conveniences In Las Vegas?

When choosing an ideal neighborhood to flourish your life in, the personal preferences and activities you enjoy may be a critical attribute in your final decision. Having access to convenient locations and amenities within the neighborhood area such as recreational activities, attractions, parks, or community centers may help you localize yourself more efficiently.

Speaking with a professional realtor to understand the value of special amenities and convenience is essential to finding the perfect location for you and your family. There are specific amenities and conveniences is located all around Las Vegas, however in regards to finding the perfect solution to your specific needs, a professional will have the insights and information available immediately to give you for you to start researching.

What To Expect For Home Value

The ultimate decision to move to Las Vegas can derive from your budgeting expectations. Moving to Las Vegas is relatively affordable as there is plenty of space available for all sizes of families. Most of the homes are lower-priced and a great attribute is there is no state income tax.

Also, the average electricity cost is below the national average. Therefore you can use those additional savings to put towards a home that you will appreciate for longer periods.

Pricing can range in homes based on demographics and type of housing. The size of the house and how many bathrooms and bedrooms it has are also in consideration when choosing to figure out a budgeting plan and a neighborhood that will be successful for you.

Some homes are valued anywhere from $50,000 to over $300,000, however, determining specific priorities and plans before your move can help make your decision on what neighborhood and house to choose from.

Ideas To Consider When Moving To Las Vegas

Differentiating good neighborhoods in determining multiple factors at one time. It is wise to consider a variety of options that may affect your living standards in certain neighborhoods. A few of the ideas to consider when moving to Las Vegas are the following:

City Services:

A good city will have a maintenance plan of cleaning up trash and maintaining streets, therefore reviewing the different service city services in each neighborhood is a good indication of whether or not you want to move there.

Neighborhood Developments:

Economics and neighborhood developments can also be a critical attribute to your final decision of neighborhood due to it impacting your family in a positive or negative impact.

Many homeowners need to be advised about potential neighborhood developments that may alter certain locations of choice. By talking with specifics on neighborhood developmental projects with your realtor will give you insights into potential influxes in the future that may affect you and your neighborhood decision-making process.

Job Market:

As mentioned previously, your place of employment is a great start to helping you decide what neighborhood to move to. You may want to consider living on the outskirts and then driving towards your job, or if you are seeking employment determine if there are available opportunities within that neighborhood of your choice that have easy access.

Things To Do:

Las Vegas is known for its variety of entertainment, therefore if you like to get out and about and explore to do things, there are specific neighborhoods that thrive off the entertainment or opportunities of recreational activities that may be more fitting to you based on specific areas.

It can include landmarks like Red Rock Canyon National ParkSloan CanyonLake Mead. Other things to do in Las Vegas based on entertainment value may include the following: The Smith Center for Performing ArtsCirque du SoleilSprings PreserveGolden KnightsOakland Raiders, or the Discovery Children's Museum.


Las Vegas transportation thrives off of individuals driving to get to their designated locations. The most popular form of transportation in Las Vegas is still taxis, however, there are other options like Lyft and Uber that are accessible to certain dedicated neighborhoods.

If you plan to live near the Las Vegas Strip, you can consider using a monorail systemDeuce, or the RTC Transit. Las Vegas provides a mixture of highways, widened streets, and parking lots if you have your automobile to commute with. Most of the citizens of Las Vegas utilize a public transportation system because it helps reduce air pollution and reduce the amount of road traffic.

If you travel a lot, then there are a few neighborhoods that are closer to the McCarran International AirportNorth Las Vegas AirportHenderson Executive Airport, or Ivanpah Valley Airport that may fit your needs better.

Diverse Neighborhoods:

You may want to consider your specific lifestyle to help you determine the ideal neighborhood to live in. For example, if you are keen on being close to art galleries, antique stores, or restaurants the 18b is a good option.

Or if you like to be in the scene and near the Las Vegas strip a good start of your search may include a gated community known as The Scotch 80s. However, other options are more subtle and serene like the Mount Charleston neighborhood or Seven Hills. Either way, no matter where you choose to live, or what neighborhood your ultimate decision is, your happiness in that environment is everything when it comes to living in Las Vegas.


Many individuals choose their neighborhoods based on their educational requirements. According to Neighborhood Scout, "The citizens of Las Vegas are slightly better educated than the national average of 21.84% for all cities and towns, with 23.16% of adults in Las Vegas having a bachelor's degree or advanced degree."

Therefore, if you are looking for a good neighborhood that has the convenience of schools, you can base your decision on a few following schools that are ideal to attend: The Meadows SchoolUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasCollege of Southern NevadaBishop Gorman High School, The University of Nevada Medical SchoolNevada State CollegeUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasTouro University NevadaRoseman University of Health Sciences, and more.

Best Neighborhoods In Las Vegas

To give you a few more insights on specific areas and qualified neighborhoods in Las Vegas that is well known and considered the best, you may want to consider the following options: Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Green Valley, or Henderson. 

There are plenty of other neighborhoods in Las Vegas that are just as qualified and amazing to live in, however, based on multiple different surveys, the four mentioned above are ideal and offer a wide range of convenience and amenities.

Green Valley

Green Valley is a quiet neighborhood that provides a higher and master-planned community. It is located near the southeast area of the Valley by Henderson. Green Valley is sensational with over 8400 acres of condos and homes available.

In addition to the opportunities and homes available, there are plenty of parks and walking trails to be explored. Green Valley is a great place for a family-friendly option and neighborhood and has the green Valley high school which is rated in the top 10 USA high schools for academics and athletics.

According to Niche who gave Green Valley School an A- stated, "Green Valley High School is a highly rated, public school located in Henderson, NV. It has 3,098 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 28 to 1. According to state test scores, 76% of students are at least proficient in math and 57% in reading." People who choose to move to Green Valley appreciate the subtle and traditional lifestyle that rides along with it.


Summerlin is not too far from where out Canyon and has a variety of upscale neighborhoods and amenities available. There are public parks and pools and plenty of trails for cycling and enthusiastic adventures to embark on. It has multiple different types of communities within the area that includes a variety of condos and mansions to choose from.

In addition to its diversity, there are high-end restaurants, entertainment venues, and a golf course is that individuals can always have something different to enjoy. Summerlin also has a master-planned community that has also won many awards for being one of the best communities in Las Vegas.

According to Forbes, "The Golden Knights' practice facility, City National Arena, sits near Downtown Summerlin, a colorful outdoor shopping center roughly 15 miles from Las Vegas Boulevard. This fast-growing area is also home to Red Rock Casino Resort Spa, a refined, desert-modern option if you want all of the Strip's toys (slots, suites, and steakhouses) but with half the noise."

Summerlin is also a local's favorite neighborhood and community choice because it provides high-end and upscale retail shops and cafés that are designed with quality in mind for its residents.

Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands neighborhood has recently become one of the best choices because of its rising popularity of the Raiders Stadium that is going in. Currently, Southern Highlands is an inspirational area to live in and provides a lower crime-rate area with a lower cost of the living dedicated neighborhood.

If you are aware of neighborhood developments and have the enthusiasm to be a part of neighborhood developments then Southern Highlands may be a perfect fit for you. There is going to be a rise of attention in a positive manner within the Southern Highlands in the upcoming years, therefore finding an affordable home in today's economy is ideal for this specific area.

According to Wikipedia, "It is among the most affluent communities in the state of Nevada, with an average household income of $100,207 and an average household net worth of $579,866"


The neighborhood of Henderson provides one of the safest places to live in the United States. Henderson is in its own individual city. Henderson is a place where families can thrive and flourish in all while knowing that their belonging, houses, and children are safe.

Henderson is a family-friendly area that offers multiple activities and recreational venues that families can enjoy and attend throughout the years. There is also close access to popular companies like Lifetime Fitness and Green Valley Ranch Resort.

And according to Business Insider, there are business-minded individuals like Hsieh moving to Henderson. They shared, "Hsieh has ambitious plans for Las Vegas. He's moving his company from suburban Henderson, NV, to downtown next fall, and he's investing $350 million of his own money to make the city a cool place to live, work and play."

Make Your Move To Las Vegas Today!

Making your move to Las Vegas is going to be one of the most important decisions of your life. It is important to choose the right neighborhood and understand the demographics and economy that they contain.

Whether you want to live between the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area, near The Lakes, on the Las Vegas Strip, in the suburban areas, or find a neighborhood that is safe and secure for your family, then you have come to the right place.

Determining what neighborhood is going to be satisfactory for your family whether you are single, a multifamily unit, or even a retiree can be successful when investigating all of the options of different neighborhoods around the Las Vegas area.

Contact our expert team of real estate agents to help you find your dream home in Las Vegas today!

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