January 10, 2022

Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids

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Shad Khan Zaman

Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids

Visiting Las Vegas With Kids, Families Or Couples

There are amazing travel opportunities all over the world. Unfortunately, what adults often find unique and fascinating, kids can perceive as dull. There is a place ideal for every family. A place where there is something fun and exciting waiting for every member of the family.

This place is Las Vegas. In the middle of the golden sands of Nevada, Las Vegas is the jewel of the desert. Here's a list of things to do in Las Vegas with kids, Las Vegas shows for kids, kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, and family things to do in Las Vegas off the strip.

Some of the best Las Vegas activities for kids & families are detailed below:

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is magic, excitement, and thrills for the entire family. This unique show can be enjoyed in arenas and theaters across the globe. The only city with seven local productions in Las Vegas.

Every performance is a scintillating combination of music, acrobatics, exotic images, comedy and stunts. Imagine an eclectic circus, all eyes riveted to the performers, and Las Vegas kid's fascinated by the stunts.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Kids will be enthralled by the shipwreck with nearly a 360-degree view, and 1.3 million gallons of water. Fish and sharks can be observed right through the acrylic tunnel. Visit the Touch Pool to see numerous animals including horseshoe crabs, rays, and mighty sharks.

Shark Reef offers visitors all of the following:

  • Over 200 animals including piranhas and crocodiles
  • Shipwreck
  • Touch Pool
  • 15 different shark species

Adventuredome Theme Park

Right behind Circus Circus is an enormous pink dome. This is where kids and adults will find the five-acre Adventuredome Theme Park Las Vegas. The indoor theme park offers games and rides throughout the year. Kids of every age can find amazing rides such as roller coasters and thrill rides. The entire family will love the arcades, 4-D movie adventure, fair games, and miniature golf.

Entering the park is completely free. Families simply pay for playing and riding. The all-day ride pass is ideal for families interested in enjoying the fun for the entire day. Adventuredome is one of the hottest attractions for Las Vegas kids. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is a great kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas.

High Roller Observation Wheel at The LINQ Hotel

The High Roller Observation Wheel is far above Las Vegas Boulevard. At 500 feet in height, this is one of the tallest in the world. The view of the strip, and a lot more is phenomenal.

The spherical cabins are enclosed in glass, rotating slowly at a rate of one foot each second. The soothing ride lasts for a full 30 minutes. Families can relax and admire the 360-degree views of Las Vegas.

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is a dream come true for kids featuring. Just a few steps from the strip is an immersive and interactive experience perfect for families. Read more to see what the experience offers:

  • The Thor Exhibit
  • Training and recruitment as a station agent
  • Iron Man's armor such as the Hulkbuster
  • Captain America's shield
  • Bruce Banner's lab
  • Thor's hammer
  • The weapons and uniforms of Black Widow and Hawkeye
  • Vision's birth cradle
  • Ant-Man's helmet
  • The Marvel Universe
  • Heads Up Display for Iron Man
  • Filling out an agent profile for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Fighting Ultron as a team
  • Answering questions for numerous superhero exhibits
  • Getting on the same motorcycle ridden by Captain America

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Not all Las Vegas shows are filled with chorus lines or gorgeous ladies. The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater offers a sweet white cat called Snowbird as the diva, 30 furry friends originating from animal shelters, and a sensational clown named Gregory.

This show is so unbelievably cute, kids will be delighted. Guests may even find themselves barking and meowing along with the show.

Tournament of Kings

At first glance, the Excalibur resort appears to be a castle right from the realm of Camelot and King Arthur. There is no place better to host the Tournament of Kings. The show offers:

The showdowns have been staged with extremely complicated choreography, and a lot of athletic ability. Guests feel as though they have been transported back in time hundreds of years. The audience enjoys using their bare hands to eat an amazing three-course meal, while cheering the knight for their section. The show is filled with energy, excitement and thrills.

More cornish hens are purchased for this show than for any other purpose in Las Vegas. The environment is extremely family-friendly, with kids less than three getting in free provided they sit in the lap of an adult while sharing their meal. This is one of the most unique family attractions available in the city.

The Eiffel Tower Experience

The Eiffel Tower can be seen just outside the Paris Hotel in a half-scale replica. Some of the most breathtaking 360-degree views of the city can be seen from the observation deck. The deck features an open-air cage. The fun begins by taking a glass elevator and continuing upwards to a height of 460 feet over the Las Vegas Strip.

From this lofty height, visitors can see magnificent views of the Las Vegas Strip, Valley, Bellagio fountains. The experience is enjoyable in the morning, but at night the view of the lights illuminating the city is beyond words.

Mirage Hotel Volcano, Atrium, and Aquarium

The entire family will enjoy all three of the attractions available for free at the Mirage. The saltwater aquarium behind the front desk is a spectacular 20,000 gallons. There are approximately 450 tropical fish swimming around the artificial corals.

Look no further than the front of the Mirage Hotel for the icon of the Las Vegas Strip, the volcano. The volcano spews smoke, shoots fire into the air, and offers spectacular sound effects every night. The lobby of the hotel is a stunning rain forest atrium including; waterfalls, lagoons, lush plants, tall palms.

David Copperfield

There is no need to say more than David Copperfield. This legendary magician is one of Las Vega's iconic neighbors. As a master illusionist, he offers a breathtaking combination of magic, nostalgia, and showmanship in true Las Vegas style.

No matter how many times locals and visitors see this show, it is never enough. Voted one of the best Las Vegas magic shows in town!

The Wildlife Habitat

The Wildlife Habitat is a lush, unique, fun outdoor animal habitat families can visit for free at the Flamingo Hotel. Fascinating creatures can be found here including:

  • Chilean flamingos
  • Koi fish
  • Parrots
  • Turtles
  • Exotic birds

In addition to enjoying the animals, the atmosphere is magnificent due to the waterfalls, lush foliage, ponds and sparkling fountains. Families can visit every day, and participate in live feedings twice per day.


Mystere is a Las Vegas show ideal for everyone in the family. This was the original Cirque du Soleil show in the city. The show has been around for an incredibly long period and has been enjoyed by countless kids. The reason kids adore this show is that it is fantastic.

Las Vegas Kids voted the performance the Best Family Show. The stunts and acrobatics are superb. Even the cheapest seats in the theater offer excellent views.

Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion Habitat Ranch was created to house the animals participating in so many attractions and shows for the Las Vegas Strip. Despite being built in 1975, this attraction was not open for guests until 2012. The habitat provides families with a safe way to see wildlife only found in exotic areas of the globe.

Kids can get close to numerous types of animals including:

  • A giraffe just three years old
  • Exotic birds
  • 36 lions
  • Emus
  • Ostriches

Kids can get as close as four feet to these amazing animals, as opposed to the much greater distances mandated at traditional zoos. There are even areas where photographs can be taken safely with a lion prominent in the background. On certain days, families can actually watch the lions being fed, which is absolutely fascinating. Pay close attention to Ozzie the Giraffe, because this charming creature will steal the show.

Ozzie paints unique artwork for guests with his mouth, with no two pieces alike. Families can take their special mementos home as a delightful souvenir. Since the ranch is nonprofit, admission fees and donations are needed to ensure the animals are properly taken care of. Families can help pay the $60,000 monthly expenses just by visiting. Kids less than 14 are free with every adult, while kids below four are free.

Siegfried & Roy’s Dolphin Habitat & Secret Garden

There is an incredible animal sanctuary available inside the Mirage Hotel focused on large cats and dolphins. A tank containing 2.5 million gallons of water encompasses the Dolphin Habitat, with palms and beautiful foliage surrounding the tank.

Although no shows are available, visitors can visit when the dolphins are performing tricks for talented trainers.

Underwater viewing is available for watching the dolphins interacting, and playing with each other. Families interested in large cats should visit the Secret Garden. Cascading waterfalls and lush greenery are the home of numerous cats including:

  • Tigers
  • Lions
  • Panthers
  • Leopards

In addition to kids and adults having fun watching the cats, they will learn a lot about them.

Circus Circus' famous Carnival Midway

There are always free acts available at the Circus Circus Hotel every day beginning at 11:00 a.m. All of the excitement takes place on the Carnival Midway's center stage. Las Vegas kids will adore all of the circus performances including:

  • Juggling
  • Circus clowns
  • Aerial silks
  • Flying trapeze
  • Slack wire

Before and after all of the acts, the family will enjoy the carnival-type games. The Carnival Midway offers some enticing prizes. The whole family will be entertained by the circus acts.

Le Reve Las Vegas

One of the best shows ever performed in Las Vegas is Le Reve. Audiences are riveted by the overhead acrobatics, pools, tunnels, and platforms. The excitement starts when fire, smoke, and water appears around the entire audience.

The show is just as memorable and unique as Cirque du Soleil. Numerous individuals attending the show have declared it is the best Las Vegas has to offer.

Neon Museum

The Neon Museum teaches kids all about the history of Las Vegas casinos. The best part is the kids do not have to go near a slot machine to learn. The heart of this attraction is called the Neon Boneyard. The area covers two acres, containing over 200 vintage marquees and signs from the glory years of Las Vegas. Some of the signs are from Casinos still in existence including the Palms and Caesars Palace.

Visitors can also see signs from casinos of the past such as Desert Inn and the Stardust. Some of the signs have been restored by the museum. There is an urban walking tour available in the downtown area of the city where families can view the restored signs in all their glory. Some of the exhibits are dedicated to Paul Rever Williams, the acclaimed architect.  

At one point in time, the Googie architecture of the signs was considered futuristic. This style is now classified as a memento of the past. Kids will love the Neon Museum. Kids for the day tour should be over 10, with the night tour more appropriate for Las Vegas kids at least 12. During the evenings, the neon is lit up. Families need to be careful of rusty metal, and broken glass, especially at night.  

Junior Interpreter tours are available once per month for families. Students from both high and middle school guide everyone through the entire Boneyard collection. This tour is both educational and a lot of fun.

Bellagio Fountains

The center of the Las Vegas strip. An enormous man-made lake can be found just outside of the Bellagio Hotel. More than 1,000 fountains are located within this lake, offering a choreographed show filled with, dancing water, music, and lights. Some of the geysers shoot lighted water into the air hundreds of feet. Fun things to do in Las Vegas with toddlers or anyone.

The music is in sync with the water for a sensational experience. The show is free, taking place every 30 minutes until 8 p.m., then every fifteen minutes until the stroke of midnight.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

One of the most iconic signs on the planet is the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. The sign became a landmark of the city during the 1960s. A lot of families have been taking photos in front of the welcome sign for many years.

The elevated mound, and large parking lot make it easier to take photos. There is no cost for parking, and taking photos is absolutely free. The sign can be found on the south portion of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Blue Man Group

There are no words to accurately describe the Blue Man Group. The production is a combination of a comedy show and rock concert, with unique creativity, a lot of whimseys, and cutting-edge technology.

The group consists of three mute men wearing a combination of black, and blue cobalt paint. Families are lost in a journey of color, light and sound. The entertainment includes:

  • Music
  • Drums
  • Movement
  • Lights
  • Neon

The Blue Man Group is funny, colorful, bright, fun, and filled with entertainment and theatrics. More than 35 million individuals from all over the world have seen the performance because it is bizarre, creative and unusual.

Bellagio Botanical Gardens & Conservatory

One of the most photographed attractions in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Botanical Gardens and Conservatory. There is no free attraction any better on the strip. The exhibits are located in the lobby of the hotel, changing according to the seasons such as spring or autumn, or the seasons.

The changes for holidays including Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year are incredible.

The visuals are extremely compelling including Under the Sea and the Japanese Tea Garden. Both of these exhibits were very popular. Each one requires hundreds of employees for maintenance, is recycled for future exhibits, and includes thousands of beautiful flowers and plants. Everything created offers audiences a colorful and attractive design.

One of the most impressive displays can be seen during the winter months. This exhibit generally includes:

  • Polar bears
  • An extremely tall white fir
  • Snow globes
  • Floral designs
  • Penguins

The Bellagio fountains are just a couple of steps away, for an entertaining afternoon or evening spent with the family.

Fall of Atlantis & Aquarium

The Fall of Atlantis is a free show ideal for the entire family. The story of Atlantis becoming doomed to the ocean's depths is told beautifully. His two children stand on either side, fighting for the empire, and showing off their special powers. Kids are fascinated by the story, his children, the water fountains, special effects, and glorious fireballs.

Even kids too young to understand the story are riveted by the special effects. The show takes place in Caesar's Palace, at the Forum Shops. It is impossible not to be drawn to the backside of the set. More than 300 fish swim in the gorgeous aquarium containing 50,000 gallons of water.

Titanic Exhibit

The story of the titanic draws adults and kids alike. For this reason, the Luxor Hotel offers the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. Hundreds of realistic replicas and artifacts from the famous ship are included. Visitors can see some of the belongings of the passengers including personal tales and stories. A massive piece of the hull with a weight of 15 tons is displayed.

Visitors can also view replicas of:

  • The grand staircase
  • Passenger cabins
  • Promenade deck

Some of the items from the crew and passengers of the Titanic are also displayed including:

  • Jewelry
  • Currency
  • Whistles
  • Plates
  • Luggage

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Just east of the strip is the Ethel M Chocolates Factory. The Mars family founded the factory almost 40 years ago. The factory has a reputation for the production of sinful gourmet chocolates made with only the finest ingredients. Decadent gift collections are available for purchase. After the recent and impressive renovations. the factory is now able to offer a tasting room.

Adults and kids are given samples, with classes appropriate for every age range explaining how the chocolates are made, and the brand history. Families can look through large windows to view the workers through a self-guided tour. Once outside of the factory, the Botanical Cactus Garden awaits.

Desert landscaping has been completed for four acres, and 300 different types of plant life. The garden is spectacular at night. During the winter holidays, colorful lights are used to decorate the garden. Tours of the garden and chocolate factory are both free.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

There are a lot of people who have dreamed of taking a hot air balloon ride. A balloon ride in Las Vegas offers an incredible view of the city, valley, and desert, and recreational areas. This amazing day begins early, with guests picked up at their hotel for free. Some visitors prefer to meet right at the office of Vegas Balloon Rides on Polaris Avenue.

Once at the launch site, the group receives a safety briefing prior to signing a waiver. The fun begins as the balloon is inflated to a height of ten stories right in front of the guests. Once aboard, the ride on the gondola is smooth with breathtaking views worthy of the occasional gasp.

Discovery Children’s Museum

One of the best reasons to take kids downtown is the Discovery Children's museum. The three-story building is filled with interactive exhibits. Eco City shows kids how sustainable energy benefits urban settings. The Hoover Dam has been replicated in Water World, complete with an explanation of the workings. Toddler Town is perfect for kids five and under.

Dr. Seuss was the inspiration for the interactive Young at Art Gallery. There are 12 levels of scientific experiments available for kids in the Summit Tower. Kids are fascinated by the 70-foot high structure. The museum makes education both intriguing and fun for kids of every age. There are even six party rooms just for themed birthdays.

Teenagers will enjoy the youth mentor program. For hungry families, the museum has a dining room in addition to the food truck generally parked outside.

Gondola Ride

A personal gondolier takes passengers through the winding canals of the Venetian Hotel while singing Italian songs. The family will be delighted by the excellent voices of the gondoliers as they sing classics such as That's Amore. Visit the gondola rides at the Venetian Las Vegas today.

Every gondola seats a maximum of 14 people, for a fun outdoor or indoor ride lasting approximately 14 minutes.

Adam London's Laughternoon show

Every afternoon, the comedy magic show of Adam London can be seen. Laughternoon is a clever show combining outrageous comedy with hand magic. When London first saw his grandfather's skill with card tricks, he became interested in magic. He began performing in college in musical theater.

His craft was perfected across the globe in clubs including the Improv Comedy Club and the L.A. Comedy Club. Adam London has worked in Las Vegas at the Mac King Comedy Show, and in Hollywood at the Magic Castle.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Cowabunga Bay offers 25 acres filled with attractions and slides. The park is well maintained, clean, colorful, and similar to a beach party from the 1950s or 1960s. The images of surfboards and Volkswagens add to the atmosphere, with thrilling rides for older teens including the Wild Surf. The ride features inner tube lifts for four people, lifting and dropping with the waves.

Kid's Cove is ideal for the younger kids. The water in this beach area is shallow, and a warm temperature of 80 degrees. The foods are great for kids including:

  • Hand-squeezed lemonade
  • Fresh-made funnel cakes
  • BBQ catering for birthday parties and groups
  • Dole Whip, a soft-serve, frozen pineapple treat.

For frequent visitors, season passes are available including perks such as priority entry to the park.

Coca-Cola Store's Tastes of the World

The Coca-Cola store is located on the strip, to the north of the MGM Grand Hotel. The store offers a nice selection of Coca-Cola products including:

Despite the excellent shopping, this is not the reason kids love this store. There are a seating area and beverage bar located on the second floor offering the Around the World Tray. Each tray has two trays filled with eight sodas extremely popular in different areas of the world.

The trays include a list of every drink, and the country it comes from. Kids will have a great time tasting all of the sodas from a variety of countries. The kids can share the sodas to make sure everyone has a chance to try them all.

Slotzilla Zip Line

The Fremont Street Experience can be viewed from above with Slotzilla. The adventurous will love shooting out of a slot machine replica twelve stories high onto zip lines available in two levels above the Fremont Experience. Participants on the highest level will fly like Superman on a horizontal path for the thrill of a lifetime.

Age restrictions do not apply, but participants must be a minimum of 50 pounds for the lower line or 60 pounds to qualify for the higher line. Adults and kids can be seen flying through the air above the neon lights of classic casinos including Binion's and the Four Queens.

M&M’s World

The entire family will have fun in the section where M&Ms can be personalized. The kids can even watch them being made. The M&M’s My Color wall has an assortment of tubes containing M&Ms in colors not included in a traditional bag. This is a great place to purchase gifts to take back home.

M&M's World us right next to the MGM Grand. The four-story building is filled with M&M and candy gifts. Visitors can also purchase M&M themed:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Clothing
  • Luggage
  • Office supplies
  • Mugs
  • Cookware

Kids will have a lot of fun looking at everything in the store. Do not be surprised when the kids find both souvenirs and candy they want for themselves, or for their friends and family back home.

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

No family vacation is complete without a visit to a haunted museum. Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum contains 30 rooms, filled with haunted artifacts. Whether or not these artifacts are capable of possessing the guests remains to be seen. The downtown Las Vegas attraction is just as popular with adults as it is with kids. This is an ideal stop for anyone interested in spooky artifacts all year long.

Families take a guided tour going from room to room. The artifacts viewed on the tour include:

  • The VW Death Bus belonging to Dr. Kevorkian
  • The Dybbuk Box, the most haunted object in the world
  • The propofol chair of Michael Jackson

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium is located on the east side of the strip and is more intimate than Shark Reef. When the Boulevard Mall was renovated, this was one of the new additions. Exhibits can be explored from all over the world including the Caribbean islands, the Amazon rainforest, and the deserts of Egypt. Kids will enjoy feeding a shark and getting close to exotic reptiles, birds, and sea life.

One of the best experiences the kids can have is swimming with the stingrays. The aquarium is a great way to avoid the crowded strip, take advantage of easy parking, enjoy the afternoon as a family, or have an amazing birthday party. After leaving the aquarium, John’s Incredible Pizza Company is close by. There are indoor rides and games, and an unlimited pasta and pizza buffet.

Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas Water Park

Summers in Las Vegas comes alive at the Wet'n'Wild water park. The park is very appealing for youngsters, teenagers, and adults. The park features 10 unique attractions and 27 slides. The six-story slide is called Canyon Cliffs, starting with a nearly vertical drop. Spin around in a giant funnel in the Tornado before being dropped directly into the pool below.

Some of the rides require adult supervision due to the intensity such as the Constrictor. Explicit height requirements have been posted because of the exceptionally tight turns. The park is entering its fifth season, and is even more exciting than ever.

Downtown Container Park

The uniqueness of Downtown Container Park is due to the restaurants, bars, and shops constructed completely using old shipping containers. Families can have a great time just walking around the park without spending a penny, although the hot dogs available at Cheffinis are sensational. The Treehouse is located in the center of the park. This is an interactive play area with slides and stairs.

There is even an area filled with real grass, despite the conditions of the desert. The park offers family-friendly entertainment including games, stage and outdoor movies. After leaving Downtown Container Park, it is just a short walk to numerous downtown hotels, and the famous Fremont Street Experience.

Madame Tussauds

The Madame Tussaud location in Las Vegas is different than anywhere else in the world. This was the first location established in the United States and might be the only one achieving joy from an exploration of the celebrity culture in America. Madame Tussauds is found at the Venetian resort and is open every day of the year. The attraction is more than big enough for large-scale exhibits.

Families can view over 100 lifelike wax figures of celebrities including Las Vegas legends Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Jr. There are also more modern stars such as Will Smith and The Rock. Kids of all ages will adore the Marvel Superheroes section with Spider-Man and the Hulk. The 4-D theater presentation is extraordinary, with water, wind and smells.

Adults are often drawn to the area featuring the talk show set for Jerry Springer. The music section offers a lot of icons for every age including:

  • Bruno Mars
  • Michael Jackson
  • Rihanna
  • Lady Gaga
  • Many other celebrities

Kids below the age of two enter for free. Kids over the age of six can have a wax replica created of their hand as an amazing souvenir.

Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is an exceptional chance to escape the hectic pace of the city to enjoy history, science, and nature. The educational yet fun environment offers the Progen Museum including live animal exhibits and a demonstration of an exciting flash flood. The Nevada State Museum teaches everything from the history of the Hoover Dam, casinos, and atomic and fossil testing.

The Springs Preserve is a haven filled with:

  • Sustainable energy gallery
  • Miles of nature trails
  • Archaeological sites
  • Butterfly habitat

The solar-powered, and innovative home is called DesertSol. UNLV students created the home for a United States Department of Energy competition. Boomtown 1905 is one of the latest attractions. This is a recreation of a Las Vegas business dating back more than 100 years in the past. Tickets for general admittance include all of the museums.

Although special events are not included, the price is worth admission. There are also available discounts available, especially for residents of Nevada.

Las Vegas is Ideal for Families and Kids

Kids will enjoy all of the fantastic attractions described above. Las Vegas is the ideal location for excitement, entertainment, and family fun. Some of the attractions are free, while others are well worth the price of admission. The buffets offer something for every age and taste from freshly sliced meats, ethnic sections such as Chinese and Italian, numerous types of potatoes and vegetables, ribs, and seafood.

The selection of desserts at Las Vegas buffets is nothing short of sinful. Las Vegas is the ideal destination because there is something every family member will enjoy. Vacations are easily relief over and over through photographs and souvenirs. The only problem with taking a holiday in this city is the moment the family returns home, they want to turn around go right back.

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